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We provide advice in various ways, including one-off consultations, annual retainer packages for ongoing services, as well as stand-alone engagements for fixed or hourly fees. We offer a number of pre-designed packages that may suit your needs. We can also create customized engagements where required. Contact  us today to learn how our astute expertise may benefit you and your family.

Providing financial, tax and estate planning, and more, on an advice-only basis.


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an easy to understand financial plan

Our comprehensive financial plan is designed to answer your most important questions about your financial picture. We provide you with:

     i. cash-flow sensitivity with respect to lifestyle affordability

     ii. retirement funding projections, and saving/spending recommendations

     iii. an assessment of potential financial risks  

Analysis of Your Investment Portfolio

Is your investment portfolio properly diversified? What are you paying in fees? Is the portfolio tax efficient? You may be earning various types of investment income, which under Canadian tax rules, may be taxed at different rates. We can review the tax performance of your holdings to determine which investments should be held in your registered accounts, non-registered accounts and tax-free savings accounts.

Retirement Cash flow optimization

What are the various sources of cash available to you in retirement? Sources may include a pension plan, government benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security, other supplemental retirement plans such as Retirement Compensation Agreements, registered and non-registered savings, and perhaps cash values inside permanent life insurance policies. By analyzing your situation in the context of marginal tax rates and OAS claw-back, and balancing short-term and long-term tax savings, we can recommend the mix of withdrawals from your various “buckets” to optimize your retirement income, savings and estate.

Tax and/or estate planning consultation

Our tax and estate planning consultations are designed to educate you regarding the major issues that should be considered, ask you the important "what if" questions, and to identify the options you might consider to efficiently and effectively deal with your wishes and unique circumstances. This consultation may include the following, as applicable to your situation:

     i. information on important tax and estate planning concepts

     ii. various ways to best own and use investments and life insurance

     iii. charitable giving strategies

     iv. personal tax planning relating to the transfer of wealth during your lifetime and at death

     v. any number of other topics, depending on your specific situation

We then refer you to accountants, lawyers and other professionals as appropriate who specialize in these areas to assist you in executing the various strategies that we may suggest.

Examples of customized reports and analyses

At times you may have very specific questions regarding one particular area of your own situation where a report targeting just that topic is most appropriate. The following list covers some of our more common examples. Feel free to contact us for assistance with these or other issues. 

   (a) purchase/sale of principal resident, vacation or rental properties

   (b) education funding, lending to children

   (c) financial impact of significant life events (i.e. marriage, children, separation/divorce, death of a loved one)

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