​​Astute Strategies Inc.

North: 101 McIntyre St W, 4th Floor, North Bay ON P1B 2Y5

South: 200 Yorkland Blvd, Suite 960, Toronto, ON M2J 5C1

Phone: 416.262.4944

We provide advice in various ways, including one-off consultations, annual retainer packages for ongoing services, as well as stand-alone engagements for fixed or hourly fees. We offer a number of pre-designed packages that may suit your needs. We can also create customized engagements where required. Contact  us today to learn how our astute expertise may benefit you and your family.

Providing financial, tax and estate planning, and more, on an advice-only basis.


Company info

Services for individuals and families

Clients often come to us with a number of "big picture" questions about their financial situations.

  1. Do I have enough?
  2. When will I be financially independent?
  3. Am I paying too much tax?
  4. What happens to my family if something happens to me?

We endeavour to educate and advise our clients so they can make good decisions, and motivate them to take action, using the right team of professionals as required, to execute the various strategies that are best suited to optimize their lives. Click here for more information.

Services for business owners

As a business owner, your time, energy and brain power are all dedicated to your customers, your employees, and your company. As a result, there is significant value for you in delegating financial, tax and estate planning to us. You’ll save time for other important aspects of your life and you’ll benefit from our unique expertise in these areas. Click here for more information.

Services for financial advisors

Financial advisors are being called upon to provide increasing value to their clients through enhanced financial, tax and estate planning. We have the ability to add additional capacity and expertise to your practice, allowing you to grow your business and deliver superior service to your existing clients. We also provide planning services to and through professional accountants. Click here for more information.